Your Other Giving Options

Early Childhood Literacy

We believe every child has the potential to succeed in life, but the path to success begins long before they enter a classroom.


Research shows that learning skills developed between birth and age six are the essential keys to thriving in school and life. Because 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the time the child enters kindergarten, the importnace of providing all of our young children with learning and early literacy experiences cannot be overstated.


Your early childhood literacy investment will ensure that the library continues its critical work of supporting early learning skills and trainng for all of Gwinnett County’s chidlren.

Welcoming & Engaging Spaces

Investment in imaginative, captivaitng and inclusive environments provide more than just a room for shelves, but strategic spaces that foster community and innovation as well as collaboration and belonging.


While advancing learning for residents of all ages, the Gwinnett County Public Library provides a place for residents to come together in ways that they might not otherwise. Today’s public library is a community hub and birthplace for innovation—from creative children’s spaces and cool gathering places for teens to flexible maker, creater and learning labs.

Your welcoming and engaging spaces gift allows for innovative capital improvements, whether by renovation or enhacement to new contruction, and ensures library spaces that give everyone a sense of belonging.

Technology & Collection Enhancement

The collection is not just an archive of old books and print materials, but is a vibrant and dyanic collection of traditional and new media. In additon to the library’s regular, strategic investment in books, the library’s collection includes digital and online subscription services that help residents of all ages thrive at school and in life 24/7.


Your investment in technology and collection enhancement builds on the library’s traditional funding sources and ensures the library can meet the educaitonal, informational, and recreational resource needs of all residents now and into the future.

Lifelong Learning & Community Enrichment

As a convener and catalyst, the Gwinett County Library seeks to provide a diverse and barrier-free spectrum of educational, cultural, vocational and inspirational opportunities to learners of all ages and backgrounds.


Whether pursuing personal interests and passions or chasing educational or career ambitions, residents can count on the library to help them achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction. The library is where we can all come together and move our community forward without leaving anyone behind.


Your lifelong learning and community enrichment gift will provide resources and experiences from cooking and nutrition classes, to popular author talks, to the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma for adult learners, and so much more.