Erica McCurdy

Erica McCurdy


Why do I LOVE our Libraries? Books have always been my friend. I have found inspiration, comfort, joy, and community through the books I read and the facilities that help promote literacy and learning. As much as I love books, our libraries are so much more! I love being part of an organization that has such a deep commitment to providing services to our entire community without reservation.


As President of the Northeast Atlanta Chapter of National Charity League, our libraries provided resources and equipment. When I started my coaching and consulting practice, I needed help creating videos and online content. Our Gwinnett Libraries provided the technical expertise, recording studios, and equipment that helped make our products look and feel professional. During COVID, I began helping with the food distribution programs and produced a Facebook Live broadcast to help educate the community about resources and opportunities to support our families during these unprecedented times. I currently also serve as a mentor for the recidivism program.


A little about me. I am an Atlanta Native who started my career as an executive in technology but found my passion in entrepreneurism and mentorship. I have built several companies across multiple industries including my favorite, Georgia Sanitation. After taking time to work as CFO for the Foster Care Support Foundation and on staff at North Point Church, I opened my own practice helping others in career and life transition, including our senior Navy SEALs in partnership with the SEAL Future Foundation. In the last few years alone, I have been blessed to be asked to provide expert advice and insights in the area of career and communication. This advice can be seen in over 100 publications such as US News, Forbes,, AARP,, Business News Daily and more.


I attended the Westminster Schools, University of Georgia, Mercer University, and Columbia Southern University holding a BBA and MBA with concentrations in technology and operational management. I also hold a PCC certification from the ICF, a CMC (Master Coach), CBC (Business Coach), and YPF (Youth Parent and Family Coach) from World Coach Institute where I currently serve as an instructor in the coaching core competencies. My work has allowed me the privilege of speaking at numerous corporate events including the SunTrust Thought Leaders’ Summit, Kettering, and the Georgia Association of Paralegals.


I am passionate about her community and family, making an annual commitment of 100 hours to those in need. Erica is the Chair of the Gwinnett Library Foundation board, an active Rotarian, a Paul Harris Fellow, and serves on the National Board of National Charity League, our nation’s oldest mother-daughter service organization as part of their National Nominating Committee.


My husband, Phil, is an attorney who has been practicing in the area for over 30 years. We have three wonderful children who are attending UVA Medical School, Georgia State Law, and a third who a pilot and is attending Furman University. All of them have a rich history of community service and mentorship. When not working or playing tennis, I am working on my goal of reading the entire list of Pulitzer Prize Winning Novels – I am about halfway through.